Monday, June 2, 2014

Will the "Buckskin Girl" Finally have a Name?


This post contains material that may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is strongly advised. 

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After contacting Det. Steve Lord from the Miami County police department, I was informed that Pamela Harvey Rousseau was ruled out by dental records.



Pamela Harvey Rousseau (right) bore a striking resemblance to "Buckskin Girl
On April 23rd, 1981, a young woman was found strangled and beaten to death in Troy, Miami County, Ohio. She wore her hair in two braids and had a homemade-appearing tasseled deerskin jacket. Since her discovery, nobody knows who she was, even though she died shortly before her body was discovered. 
In December of  1978, Ontario native Pamela Harvey Rousseau, 23, mysteriously disappeared. She was twenty-three, and had one child.  She was coincidentally the same weight and  height as Buckskin Girl, with the same hair and eye color. She also had freckles.

The only problems with this comparison is the time and location difference. Buckskin Girl died three years after Pamela vanished and was found over 1,000 miles away. If she was the Buckskin Girl after all, was she held captive and smuggled into the United States? Or did she abandon one life to start another? Pamela's family deserves to know what happened to her if she was, in fact, murdered.

If you have any information regarding Pamela Harvey Rousseau, do not hesitate to contact:

Greater Sudbury Police


Crime Stoppers
705-675-8477 or 1-800-222-8477

If you have any information regarding the unidentified murder victim known as "Buckskin Girl," please contact:

Detective Steve Lord

937-440-3965 ext. 6633


  1. A small detail: It is unlikely this girl braided her hair herself. The sides are pulled back and the braids are quite tight. It is difficult to do this on your own. If you practice on a girl's hair you will see what I mean. Have the girl try to braid her hair back like Buckskin Jane's and as tightly woven. Unlikely. It also doesn't seem to be too 'fuzzy' which happens when you sleep in braids, so her hair was was probably braided shortly before she was killed.

  2. A detective from the Troy Police Department stated that someone conducting the autopsy had to unbraid her hair for evidence collection but then he/she redid the braids for identification photos. So, her braids may look different in the photos than how she may have originally braided them.

    1. Is there a news source for this information? If so, her Wikipedia page could be accurately updated.